Julie Mussog is a leader in the fight against crime.  From when she first got involved as a mom concerned about the shootings in Eastport to now, as the chief economic development leader for our area, Julie has fought hard to reduce crime in Annapolis. She will be a great advocate and partner in the fight against crime.  I strongly endorse Julie Mussog for Alderman.

Wes Adams

State's Attorney for Anne Arundel County

larry tom

Planning & Zoning Officer for Anne Arundel County, Retired

Until my recent retirement as Planning Director for Anne Arundel County, I had the pleasure of working with Julie Mussog first in her position as  Comptroller and then in her position as CEO of the AA Co. Economic Development Corporation.  She would be an excellent Alderman for all the reasons that Sharon Wiegand mentions.  If Julie were running in my ward, I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

While serving as delegate I had the pleasure of sponsoring 2 local government bills at Julie’s request. Both bills passed the delegation unanimously, with bi-partisan support.  Julie knows how to present a solid case for legislative change, work across the aisle and get things done.

Ron George

District 30 Senate candidate
District 30 Delegate 2007-2015

Herb Mcmillan

State Delegate

I've had the pleasure of working with Julie Mussog for over ten years on the city, county, and state issues that impact Annapolis' fiscal well-being and our quality of life. As a working mom with a young family, Julie's unparalleled knowledge of the budgetary and public safety problems facing Annapolis is built on a strong foundation of caring about people, and putting their needs first. It's time for a change in Eastport. If you're tired of politicians who say all the right things, but never do them, I hope you'll join me in supporting Julie Mussog for Alderman. Julie's brains match her heart and we desperately need more of both on the Annapolis Ciy Council!

john & kathleen booth

We're going "outside" our registered political party and voting for Julie Mussog for Ward 8 Alderman. After more than ten years we feel it’s time for a change. We know Julie cares about our neighborhood and we see her involved.

We first saw her community involvement eight years ago, leading efforts to stop gun violence on our streets. Today she continues her involvement sharing her finance and business insights with our city leaders. We have always found her to be responsive and clear when asked for her position, and never wonder when she might respond back to us about our concerns or questions. Julie is the type of person we want representing us on the city council.

Dean & Christy D'Camera

We have seen firsthand how Julie’s involvement in the community has made a difference. When gunfire was out of control in Eastport and city leadership was having limited impact, Julie, along with several other neighbors, lead efforts to fight back. 

Those efforts directly led the city to receiving a new police chief and funding for the Capital City Safe
Streets program.

Because of Julie’s leadership and commitment to the community, she recruited me for a role during the creation of the Eastport Girls Club. Since its beginning, EGC (now Seeds 4 Success) has had a positive impact on the lives of families in public and subsidized housing. 

Julie understands that improving the community is not just about better policing, but ensuring that there are quality after-school programs in place, which are a critical component of
long-term change and improvement.

Meg Moffet & Ben Kaminkow

Ben and I have known Julie for a long time. We have seen the passion with which she applies herself when she commits to projects and causes like the Eastport Girls Club. Her MBA/CPA will lend themselves well to the needs of the council. Indeed, the current council has sought her out for guidance and assistance on fiscal matters.

Her experience in Economic Development will also be an asset to the city. Mostly, we support Julie because we believe she will be responsive, honest and dedicated to serving ALL of Ward 8.

Todd & Kelly Peenstra

I have known Julie for at least a decade and have watched her do nothing but improve our community, whether through her efforts to end gun violence, her involvement with the Eastport Girls Club, and serving together in Junior League of Annapolis where she served as President and a board member. Her commitment, perseverance, and leadership skills to effect the change we need in our Ward, combined with her financial and business experience, and dedication to fiscal responsibility, is why I endorse Julie as Alderman of Ward 8. Her professional experience, along with her effective leadership in the community makes Julie the most qualified candidate and one I enthusiastically support!

John Ebersberger

I'm voting for Julie Mussog. I've owned a house in a Colony Hills neighborhood for over 20 years. We had a group house in our neighborhood that was receiving weekly police action, and housed tenants who regularly harrassed women and children in the neighborhood, which was previously friendly to walking, jogging and biking.

The city officials and agencies, which many in our neighborhood contacted, seemed unwilling to enforce their codes to curb the negative impact on our community, and in some cases were unaware of their own "disturbing the peace" zoning laws and codes. Julie, who at the time was working for our District 30A Maryland State Delegate, was the one person to come directly to our aid in getting something done. She's responsible, caring, and not afraid to get involved.

Sharon Wiegand

It comes down to trust! And I trust Julie Mussog to represent the needs, wants and best interests of Eastport as Alderman. I trust her judgment to use her time wisely, to use her vast government experience to be efficient, and to use her expertise in economics and finance to address development, budget, crime and community matters. Julie is one of the most qualified, dedicated and intelligent folks I know.

I don't need to micromanage her ability to handle her responsibilities, as she's proven her knowlege and commitment to our neighborhood for over 12 years. I would vote for her to run the world, but perhaps, Eastport to start! For over one dozen years, she has given her time and energy and expertise to improving our neighborhood. I can only imagine how much more she'll accomplish as our next City Council member. I vote for Julie Mussog for Ward 8!

Jess Pachler

Eastport needs a change agent - someone who cannot only see the issues that need to be addressed, but is willing to go to the mat to address them and make those changes - to be active and effective.

Paul 'Bo' Bollinger

Julie has the energy, experience, and enthusiasm to address the challenges Annapolis faces in the next decade. It is vital to have someone with her integrity representing the citizens of Ward 8 at this critical time.

Sarah Jane Dunaway & Jesse Silverman

As a fellow working professional and mother, I cannot praise Julie more for her efficiency and dedication to our community. We served together on the board of Junior League of Annapolis while she was President (and President-Elect). Volunteer organizations such as Junior League always require a strong dedication from its board and a time commitment that often resembles a part-time job! Julie attended every meeting, was both professional and understanding when dealing with fellow board members, and one of the most efficient leaders I have had the pleasure of working with—meetings always ended right on time!

Both my husband and I have known Julie for many years and we have nothing but praise and respect for her hard-working, proactive nature. She does not waste time, and is a pro at balancing her commitment to the community, her family, and her career. As a fellow working mother, Julie is someone I look up to for both personal and professional advice, and together Jesse and I whole-heartedly endorse her to represent us as the next Alderman of Ward 8.

Jenny Kottler

I’m voting for Julie because she’s focused, driven and smart! We met when she was Treasurer of the Eastport Civic Association and I’ve been a fan ever since. Julie is amazingly well informed about the City, the issues, resources, and governance; more importantly she is absolutely results-oriented. Since moving to Eastport in 2009, we’re all still talking about the same things: crime, roads and sidewalks, issues related to development, and unfortunate problems surrounding Harbor House and Eastport Terrace. There are no easy answers, but I believe Julie will work toward solutions. Now is time for progress and fresh perspectives. Four years from now, I want the conversation to be different.